Hi! I'm Rujuta

How it all started......

I’m a food photographer currently based in Jersey, Channel Islands. Lockdown in 2020 was a perfect excuse for me to finally explore where my creative instincts take me and the result of it was birth of Thyme.n.Vine. 
My food photography journey started as a hobby and it instantly turned into a passion. It became a creative outlet for me to not only experiment new recipes but also to bring that food to life with the power of photography. 
A good story tends to capture everyone’s imagination and I have tried to bring this concept of storytelling in my style of food photography.
ThymeNVine originally started as an Instagram page however with this website, it is now a one stop shop for all the foodies and food photography lovers to learn and try new food and also get some tips and explore some behind the scenes work that goes in food photography. 
Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy not only the food photographs but also take time to try some inspired recipes from around the world!


Our Services

ThymeNVine specialises in food and drink photography. Services vary from food photography for restaurants, magazines, social media to stock photography.

Food products photography / Menu items photography

ThymenVine makes use of the fresh produce available to take photos by specialising in telling a food story.

Food magazine photography / cookbook photography

ThymenVine have collaborated and featured in a number of digital magazines which has helped to increase readership by providing not only photos but also ‘easy to make’ recipes.

Stock Photography

A wide variety of photos available to select from. Check out the Portfolio page for selection. Get in touch for full size photos.

Social Media Content Creation

ThymenVine provides collaborative services on social media to help new and existing businesses with their social media coverage and exposure.

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